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Changing the way you record your day

We love to edit other peoples footage thats how 'EDIT OUR DAY' was invented. We're great behind the camera but sometimes your guests can get all the good stuff, from the dance floor to the bar propper uppers; the children to the oldies, the smokers to the sitters, with multiple cameras you'll have evidence and perspective of it all.


By having the freedom to have your guests be the camerperson we manage to use what they have captured to tell a side to your event that a videographer just can't get to, plus we use footage from the very start to the very end, not just capturing what a standard wedding videographer would capture.

All of that doesn't mean we get off lightly with doing all the work, we invite everyone at your event to send us their footage, if you have 100 guests we'll happily go through all the footage. Most wedding videographers will have around 4 cameras, imagine having multiple angles of every part of your event! We don't ask for everyone to video we're just asking the ones that would anyway to share it with us.

How it works (simply)

- We supply you with an info card (think business card size) this will tell people briefly what we do and how they can get involved. We'll supply these in advance, matching the look with your other stationary.

- We'll ask people to shoot landscape, hold it steady and hold the shot.

- All your guests will need to do is share their album with us and we'll do the rest.


Here is an example from one wedding using only 4 guests smart phones!


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